Traveling is included in everybody’s “bucket list” whether it will be backpacking to climb a mountain, visiting local and international destinations or going on an educational tour, doing this for the first time can be exciting but at the same time dreadful especially if you don’t know what to do or you don’t even know what the first step is going to be.

At our travel agency, we understand travelers who are going through mixed emotions especially if they will be going to a certain place for the first time. That is why, we have put together this simple guide to at least help them plan their vacation. Keep in mind these advise so, you can have a hassle-free and memorable travel experience.

Be Observant and Pro-Active

Time and again, we have been very vocal in telling this to our clients. Do not solely depend on hearsays. Although it is very helpful to seek your friend’s opinion, it is best to check out things on your own. Go research your trip on the web, get some reliable guidebooks, participate to some travel forums, be involved in the travel community and list down the dos and don’ts when visiting a certain place.

For example, you want to visit Taiwan, be observant and pro-active when asking questions on Travel Communities online or it is also recommended to follow a reliable video blogger who has been there to collect some information that will be helpful for your first time visit.

Learn more about the culture of the country, what to wear, what to bring and also the famous and undiscovered places that you should take note and take a picture of. It is all about having the drive to research very well starting from the ideal travel dates, airport guides, best time to book a flight and everything that you need to bring in order to come up with the best plan.

Seek for Professional Help

Admit it or not, being a first-time traveler is very nerve wracking especially to those who will be riding an airplane, go to the airport and transfer from one place to another. If you’re that type who is quite nervous and easily stressed about everything, it is best to seek out some help from a travel agency because they will guide you on the things that you need to from the A to Z of travel.

The best part of seeking help from professional travel agents is that, they are well-versed into planning your day to day itinerary and that, they will be the ones to coordinate with the hotel or the restaurant because some of these are already included in the tour package. Just be sure to review all the inclusions and the terms and conditions before giving it a “go” to make sure that your expectations will be met.

Be a Smart Packer

We always tell this to our clients, putting things on your luggage wisely is the best decision you could ever make specially if its your first time because it will generally keep you out from the dilemmas of “overloading” issues. So, safe to say, it is always best to prepare versatile type of clothing and footwear. And wear your heaviest type of clothes. It is also very helpful to create a list of things that you’ll bring so you will not forget something.

Always compartmentalize your travel essentials to gadgets, clothing, toiletries, medicines, important travel documents, wallet and if you can, leave a space for the “pasalubong.” After finalizing all the things that you’ll bring, packing them wisely in order to save a lot of space should be your next goal. Fold clothes in such a way that they will not dominate your baggage. Also, for the small things, a separate hand carry bag is advisable so it will be easier for you to access them if the need arises.

For those who will be travelling for the first time, there is no experience that is too big or too small. If you’re planning to fulfill your travel goals this year, the answer is always say “YES” to everything and don’t let every single details that hinder you to do this make you quit. So, while you are young and still able, find some time to make it happen so that the next time, you’ll know what to do.

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