Summer is the best time to have amazing memories that will surely keep you going all year long. That said, it is the best season to plan a vacation whether in the Philippines or outside the country. For travelers who are looking for a summer destination in Asia, we recommend the tropical island of Bali, simply because of its famous beaches and picture-worthy temples that will surely refresh your senses.

Recently, our travel agency located in Makati conducted a group tour headed by Ms. Lyka in the “Island of the Gods.” This Asian destination did not failed our expectations because we discovered different activities that made the most out of our vacation. Indeed, our trip to Bali was a summer to remember because of  exciting stories. Read further to get to know the highlights of our Bali Indonesia tour package.


Tasting the most expensive coffee in the world

Our guests will never forget the time when our Indonesian tour coordinator demonstrated on the brewing of “Kopi Luwa.” Known as the most expensive coffee in the world. It is costly because the coffee beans have been digested by a palm civet also known as the civet cat, an animal of Indonesian origin.

During our taste test, we haven’t really discern any bitterness at all. It was a nicely flavored coffee with a distinct aroma. Kopi Luwak has a perfect blend that is described to be earthy and smooth with some cocoa undertones. Never miss the opportunity to try it once you visit Bali.


Cruising in Bali Hai

Bali Hai is one of the famous accommodations in Indonesia. It has amazing views, fantastic cocktails and non- stop wholesome entertainment to welcome our guests. A perfect pit stop during our tiresome yet enjoyable tour, Bali Cruises offer great food which consists of European Buffet, sushi and some vegetarian options as well. The resort also hosts fun-filled activities for guests like snorkeling, sailing, banana boat ride, village tour, parasailing and other exciting must-do activities during your stay.


Watching the natives do the fire dancing

As the sun sets, our tour participants were entertained by the exciting tribal dance called the “Kekak Dance.” The Fire dance is a nightly performance which is very famous at Uluwatu Temple, one of six key temples believed to be Bali’s spiritual pillars. It is one of the highlights of our stay in this historically-rich province. It is truly a unique experience to watch a traditional Balinese ritual that is based on the famous epic Hindu story of the Ramayana.

If you’re adventurous, a nature lover and loves to go sightseeing, head to Bali and book a tour package with us. Save at least one weekend or schedule your trip a during holiday. Whatever your definition of summer or perfect vacation is, we have you covered.

If you want to know more about our recent trip in Bali, Indonesia. Watch this video presentation:

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