Summer is here! And what a good way to welcome this season is to of course, go to the beach. Many people would agree that life is better at the beach that is why,  many families, friends, couples, beach lovers and travelers always see summer as an opportunity to just relax, enjoy, take good pictures, keep good memories and just be one with nature.

In the Philippines, where the climate is very sunny, all types of travelers can discover its beauty by visiting some of the amazing beaches that it has to offer. With a rich biodiversity ranging from rain forests, mangroves, coral reefs and mountains, the country has white sand coastlines and different tourist attractions that you’ll surely love to explore.

Are you a certified beach-lover and sun worshiper? This list of the best beaches in the Philippines might take away your worries as you decide on where to go this summer. Read on as we give you some of our recommendations.

Barkada Getaway in El Nido Palawan

A beach suited for group of friends who are looking for that unique bonding experience, El Nido will never fail to amaze you with a lot of activities that is not only limited to swimming. Here, you can try kayaking or nature tripping. If you want to go far away from the city vibe and want to relax, El Nido has exciting island hopping trips perfect for you and your “barkada.”

As what one of the travel agency in the Philippines says, there are a lot of El Nido Palawan packages that are tailor-made for you and your friends however, you should deal with the one that offers the perfect accommodation and activities so you can maximize your stay in this island and enjoy the experience.

Family Vacation in Boracay

Since there are a lot of family-friendly resorts in Boracay, one of the things that you should do is to plan your trip by searching online with the best accommodation. To make it easier, you should compile a list of the best family friendly hotels and resorts in the area.

Organizing a family vacation is possible when you book early to avoid the hassle. But first, you should consider to stay in a family-friendly hotel so your kids will enjoy your trip.  Some of the suggested family activities in Boracay include kite surfing, visiting the Spider House, paddling, strolling and of course, island food tripping. Stop off for a fresh fruit shake at Jonah’s Fruit Shakes, which has an extensive list of mouth-watering shakes that kids will surely love.

Couples Honeymoon in Amanpulo

Are you newly-wed couples or long-time partners that’s looking for that relaxing and romantic retreat? Check out this exclusive island resort that offers world-class service and amenities that is truly worth your time and money. Amanpulo is a luxury resort where couples can spend a beautiful vacation.

This island perfectly fits those who never visited here before and wants to experience true relaxation. Here, partners will be treated like a royalty as they experience great customer service. The resort also houses different activities such as spa pampering, dinner date and island hopping while on a private yacht. As a customer, you are entitled to use their amenities while enjoying breathtaking sights, peaceful and serene surroundings comparable to a dream luxury vacation.

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