‘Tis the season to be jolly! For some tourists living in the Western countries like the United States who don’t want to spend another icy Christmas, then a Christmas getaway to the tropical Asian countries might be just the solution. While some of the Asian countries didn’t celebrate Christmas as an official holiday, there are some who loves Christmas as much as others do. Fortunately, travel packages during Christmas comes with cheaper price making your next chosen destination possible.

Planning to spend the holiday in Asia? Below are the suggestions of the best countries in Asia to spend Christmas Season.



When it comes to looking for the best places to celebrate Christmas in Asia, the Philippines is hands-down top any list.

Filipinos love Christmas just like anyone. Once the 1st day of September arrives, the Philippines signals the day as the start of the Christmas season. The country celebrates the longest Christmas season in the world due to its Spanish influence and 90% of Filipinos are predominantly Christians. The nation offers the best and largest Christmas trees, decorations and lanterns that is never before seen anywhere. Add to the Christmas feels the cold breeze, children carolers crooning around and fancy decorations at every street.

Moreover, Boracay Island, aside from being one of the best beaches in the world, is famous for its festive celebration every Christmas, makes it a traveler favorite holiday destination.



Singapore never miss to surprise. Celebrating Christmas in this country have a lot to offer for tourists. Fancy decorations and light shows are everywhere along Orchard Road to the Gardens by the Bay. For someone who wants to experience snow falling from the skies, there’s no need to go to the Western countries, Universal Studios Singapore has got it all covered. Some malls and shopping centers put on extended hours and special deals to attract sightseeing tourists.



The Land of the Rising Sun loves Christmas more than any countries do. With matching snows to feel the White Christmas, night time is Tokyo is full of surprises. The entire city glistens everywhere your eyes set upon as almost every building are decorated with Christmas trees and lights.



This is where you’ll meet Santa Haraboji, Seoul’s version of Santa Claus. Celebrating the yuletide season in Seoul might be a little different than in any countries in the West. The day tend to be enjoyed by young romantic couple and as a religious feast. On the other hand, South Koreans participates in decorating trees, gift-giving and singing Christmas carols.


Hong Kong

Spending Christmas in Hong Kong is a perfect place for shoppers and collectors. Try to get some of the limited edition of their Christmas products at some of their markets. While shopping, you’ll feel the yuletide season as you see some of their Christmas decorations hanging in the streets and malls.


These are just five of the most exciting countries in Asia to spend the world’s most enduring and exciting celebrations. If you need to spend your Christmas in the new cities further than America or Europe continents, Asia should have several great destinations. With cheap travel packages from tour operators today, last-minute travel to any of these countries are now possible and much easier.

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