Best Spots in Tokyo for Manga and Anime Lovers

Tokyo Anime Center

As the name suggests, Tokyo Anime Center is composed of various merchandise, logos, souvenir items, food, toys, books, magazines, comics and other related collector’s items on display related to Japanese anime.

It is just a small studio-type shop located on the 3rd floor of UDX Akibahara. The store walls is covered with colorful pictures of animated characters with glass walls. 

Pokemon Mega Center Tokyo

This is where Pokemon fans shop for a wide range of merchandise including limited edition items. It is located in Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City shopping center which is considered as the biggest Pokemon Center in Japan.

At Pokemon Mega Center, there are few trading card stations where you can play against a Pokemon Center staff or against your travel companions if they know what to do too. The store also has a Pokemon card game teaching room, and holds regular events.

Sanrio Puroland

Sanrio Puroland is a theme park that brings the unique Japanese cuteness to reality as it features fun rides, colorful shows, cute Sanrio characters that you’ll meet and greet. This dreamland is located in the Tokyo suburb of Tama City. 

The theme park first opened its doors in December 1990. Sanrio Puroland is welcoming to different groups of visitors. It’s an instagram-worthy spot for cute girls, teenagers and fans of the “Hello Kitty” brand. 

Gundam Front Tokyo

Gundam is very popular and iconic in the country of Japan which was first released in 1979 as a television series. The Gundam Series franchise evolved into manga, movies, plastic models and more making it a well-loved anime around the world.

Gundam Front Tokyo is an anime shop and theme park located inside the Diver City Mall in Odaiba. Built in 2009 as part of the Green Tokyo Gundam Project, the figure statue, the statue  is a 59 foot (18 meter) tall 1:1 scale model of a Gundam.

Tokyo One Piece Tower

This is an indoor amusement park based on the famous manga / anime series, “One Piece.” The park is located on the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors of the Foot Town building from where you can find the iconic Tokyo Tower’s observatory decks.

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