When we hear the world Bali, we often associate this place to captivating beaches, elevated mountain slopes, lush vegetation and abundant rice paddies. However, did you know that it is a welcoming destination for tourists because of its popular meditation retreats that will surely satisfy your desire for spiritual renewal? Bali is not only known for this, in fact they also have lively bars for tourists who are in search for a party place.

Whatever it is that you want for a perfect holiday, be it serenity or excitement, this city which also happens to be rich in historical sites will take you to an amazing journey that every Asian Destination can. What makes it more interesting is that , there are actually packages for a cheap travel to Bali Indonesia, so you need not to worry because you can go to this city whenever you can. While planning your trip, here’s what you can expect to this popular touristic destination.


Rituals, Festivals and Ceremonies

Given the fact that Balinese people are very much inclined with Hinduism, important activities such as festivals, rituals and ceremonies are being held on this side of the city. Of course, there are a lot of these practices because they highly believe that if they are able to celebrate them, they are giving honor to their Gods and Goddesses.

A popular example would have to be celebrating the birth of a goddess to full moon rituals, village cremations and observance of the daily practices at the temples. If you are a first time tourist, the best way to witness these activities is by checking the Bali Tourism schedule.

Prayer is also an important part of the Balinese culture. Here, people are offering tiny portions of rice on a banana leaf or carrying a woven basket with flowers. To pay respect to these prayer offerings make sure you’ll not be stepping to them because they are very integral to Balinese life, religion and culture.

Watch your step!  You’re sure to find prayer offerings on the ground every morning. Some are woven baskets cradling flowers, while others, hold tiny portions of rice on a banana leaf. They’re spiritual offerings that’s very integral to Balinese life, culture and religion.


Culture and Cuisine

Every nation has its own distinctive culture and cuisine. This what makes the Balinese culture stand out from other neighboring countries and in the world. When we talk about their food culture, it comprises mainly of rice, pork and hot spices. This is because of the Dutch influences from the 18th Century until the World War II.

Their culture, on the other hand, is highly influenced by the Hindu religion. In fact, there are 3 million people in Bali who has this type of religious sect. With their hospitable nature, Balinese are very appreciative when it comes to their visitors.

Also, the numerous temples on the island of Bali are reflection of their devotion to their religion. When you go there, visit at least one temple to have a glimpse of their day to day life. Some believed that praying and wishing at some temples in Bali will be granted if they are sincere and true.

With so much color, richness and devotion that every Balinese put to their religion, we can say that it is a great destination for pilgrimage, prayer and soul searching. If you really want to visit a unique place to find your center, Bali, Indonesia is the best destination to explore.

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