Cool Facts About Dubai

Dubai never runs out of exciting and extravagant travel experiences not only for friends and couples but also to every family member. The city has everything that you need for a memorable holiday. Discover more about the “Land of Opportunities” with these amazing facts that will help you out if you’re planning to visit Dubai anytime soon!

1 Wealth is Abundant in Dubai

Wealth is Abundant in Dubai

The UAE ranks 3rd in the richest country in the world following Qatar and Luxembourg. Their source of wealth started when they began to ship oil in 1969 and before being independent from Great Britain in 1971.

Some economists attributed their business strategy of a tax free zone as one of the reasons why investors flock to the city. Their tourism also contributed towards their popularity.

2 Dubai is known as the City of Gold

Dubai is known as the City of Gold

Did you know that Dubai has a vending machine or an ATM that dispenses gold bar instead of cash? In addition, The interior of the Burj Al Arab is decorated with around 1,790 square meters of 24-carat gold leaf. Jewelry shops are also abundant in the city.

3 Dubai is the home of the largest shopping mall, flower Garden and building in the world.

Dubai is the home of the Largest Shopping Mall, Flower Garden and Building in the World

Dubai has been very blessed to be a city of superlatives as it becomes the home of Miracle Garden, the biggest flower garden in the world and Dubai Mall, which is equivalent to 50 football fields. Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building is also located in Dubai.

4 Dubai is the home of the world’s only 7-star hotel

Dubai is the home of the world’s only 7-star hotel

Just when you thought that the world records of Dubai comes to an end with luxury and mind blowing projects, Burj Khalifa the world’s only 7-star hotel was built. The estimated cost of the cheapest room is about 1000 euro per night.

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