Travel Etiquette is very important because it signifies respect to old customs and traditions. Keep in mind that having this kind of attitude when visiting other places can make you a well-rounded traveler and learning them can help you adapt easier as well as gain appreciation from different locals.

In every parts of the world, different travel etiquettes are practiced and knowing them before traveling to the Asian destination of your choice will make you a better tourist that pays a closer attention to details. As an experienced travel agency in the Philippines, we have compiled some of the etiquettes that you should know.


Follow the road rules and regulations

Airports in different countries have set of rules and regulation. It is very important to keep these rules in mind not only to show discipline and respect but also to avoid hassle and delays when traveling from one place to another.


Know What to Wear

In some parts of Asia, locals have a very distinct and modest fashion sense. To blend in the culture properly, it is best to prepare set of clothes that are majority worn by the locals. If you dress like them, it will make you low-key and stand out less.
Meaning to say, they will not be intimidated by your presence and this will make them approach you more easier. It is also a must to observe proper dress decorum when entering temples and major historical sights to show respect. For example, tourists who enter temples should remove their footwear or those entering mosques should wear scarfs or hijab.


Consider their Dining Etiquette

Traveling in Asia allows you to experience different cuisines. However, with this comes customs that you should know to make the locals feel the respect. Don’t hesitate to ask or even research before taking on a culinary experience and dining to some popular Asian destinations so you will not appear arrogant or unusual.

A very classic example of a dining etiquette is generally observed in Japan. This has something to do with your ability to use chopsticks. In South Korea, it is a must to remove your shoes if you’re eating in someone’s home.  Keeping in mind these dining etiquettes will make you a wise traveler.

At the end of the day, it is always best to observe some of the travel etiquettes of a specific Asian country you’ll visit. Make it a point to pay attention to these because it will make your trip organized and following them will gain you more friends in other countries.


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