Five Insanely Weirdest Festivals in Japan

Every year, locals and different tourists celebrate different festivities to showcase the colorful Japanese culture. There are approximately 200,000 festivals in Japan. These festivals range from quiet to insanely weird.

Here are 5 of their weirdest festivals:

Hadaka Matsuri

  • Literally means the “Naked Festival” this bizarre festival is celebrated for more than 1,200 years now. This is an annual event every February where around 9,000 men gather and wear nothing but loincloths. It is not the safest festival considering everyone is drinking “sake” and picking up a fight.

Naki Sumo

  • This 400-year old festival is meant to make babies cry for good health. The festival highlights 2 sumo wrestlers that carries each baby. The toddler who cries the loudest and the longest is declared the winner by the referee.

Hokkai Heso Matsuri

  • Launched in 1969, this festival is more popularly known as the “Belly Button Festival”, This event is inspired to unite and energize Furano’s people. It features dancers who have painted their bellybuttons to look like a face.

Shukatsu Festival

  • This event attracts 5000 people a year and centers on “death preparation.” to make every local experience of what it feels like to lie down in a coffin with sealed lids. It is held annually every 16th of December.

Kanamara “Penis” Festival

  • This festival focuses on reproductive health, fertility, marriage and protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Here, fluid gender identities and sexualities across the spectrum are celebrated, the most visible example being the group of cross-dressing men and transwomen who carry one of the portable shrines.

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