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To everyone who are new to our blog and is not quite familiar about what we do as a travel agency, basically, we help our clients go to their dream destination by providing them different services that we’re good at. Last year, we have been given the privilege to group of clients to the amazing place that’s very close to our heart – Japan, the land of the rising sun.

This Asian tourist destination is beautiful, vibrant and very unique to be ignored by every travelers who dreams of going to a place that will inspire them in their lives.  We won’t run out of reasons not to love this place simply because we have been given the chance to know it better since we have been here for a couple of times.

So, to those who love the Japanese culture and are planning to travel to this place, we give you five important reasons on why we fell in love with this place.

Sakura Tree and Mount Fuji

We all know that the “cherry blossoms” and Mount Fuji are famous symbols when we talk about Japan. They have been part of Japan’s colorful history to a point that a traveler looks forward to seeing them. If you want to see them closely and in full bloom, book a trip around mid April and be sure to check out a list of the most popular spots for cherry blossom and Mount Fuji viewing so you’ll not missed the amazing experience that we felt during our trip.

Disciplined and Kind People

We noticed that Japanese are very respectful, disciplined and kind. No wonder, their country’s economy has been one of the most progressive in the world over the years. When you go to Japan, expect everything to be in order including the transportation system, the environment and the economy itself. During our trips, we noticed that every place that we’ve been to was and clean and well coordinated. Japanese are also very particular about treating their visitors well because of Shinto, a popular religion in Japan which is believed to have influenced their discipline.

The Delish Food

If you’re an adventurous traveler, the uniqueness and taste of an authentic Japanese Food should be a part of your must do list. Although there are many restaurants and food stalls that serve Japanese cuisines, enjoying them in Japan is a worthy experience because Japanese really passionate about food, treating them with utmost respect and courtesy. Try everything that you can think of when it comes to food because they have rich, flavorful and delish meals that can surely satisfy your cravings.

The Amazing Technology

Japanese are known to be innovators when it comes to the latest gadgets, appliances and transportation technology. Since they are very advanced and like to be in the forefront of everything, they have produced a lot of things which will make our lives more convenient. Try traveling to Japan to find out what we are talking about and see for yourself.


The Useful Products

Aside from its neighboring countries like China, India, Thailand and Philippines, Japan has a reputation for producing some useful and weird stuff in the industry of home care, beauty and technology. Because they want to make their lives easier, they are known to create products that will help them to survive a fast paced living. Include a Japanese store shopping haul on your travel itinerary to see the innovative things that you can buy given your desired budget.

Are you ready to explore Japan in 2018? Talk to our expert travel consultants about our customized Japan Tour Packages.

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