Although ‘Love Month’ is an event that is clearly identified for couples, this does not mean that families, group of friends or even singles are exempted in celebrating this special occasion. Valentine’s Day is for everyone. This is your chance to show your love to the people that matters to you the most.

Showing your love can be in the form of gifts and surprises. And when we speak of surprises, traveling is a unique gift because it gives you the chance to bond and discover something new about each other.

There are a lot of amazing travel destinations in the Philippines because of its picturesque sceneries, white sand beaches, historical sites, breathtaking sunsets and relaxing ambience for those who are looking for a memorable and personalized vacation.

This season of love, we run down 5 romantic local destinations for everyone who loves to travel the Philippines.


As one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Vigan is sure to bring out the traditional yet hopeless romantic suitor or lover in you. Take your special someone along the streets of ‘Calle Crisologo, visit the famous Bantay Church Bell Tower and head over to nearby provinces like Sagada to see its timeless beauty.

Vigan also fits busy group of friends who are looking for a quick yet educational weekend getaway. What makes Vigan one of the most wanted destination in the Philippines during Valentine’s Season is its rich history and culture. Aside from this, Vigan also has delectable cuisine and the famous vintage transportation called “Kalesa” which will take you around the city.


This northernmost province in the Philippines perfectly fits every couples who are looking for a place where they can unwind and celebrate the important milestones in their relationship.

Batanes is one of the most popular choices if you want to have social media detox and be closer to nature. Whether it’ll be a wedding anniversary, birthday or engagement proposal, the stunning view of Batanes’ skies, seas and green fields can be a perfect backdrop to make any celebration more memorable and picture perfect.


With its recent rehabilitation, Boracay will simple leave you in awe. This famous island in the Philippines suits adventurous travelers who love the beach. If you’re looking for a romantic island getaway with an amazing sunset, Boracay should be at the top of your list. Boracay also has a lively nightlife set-up perfect for singles who want mingle and have more friends. Other activities in Boracay includes soothing beachside massage. exciting water sports and all-night romantic scene for you and your special someone.


This tropical province island is a dream destination for many honeymooners and travelers because of its glittering blue waters, sundrenched coastline and pristine beaches. Its paradise setting is perfect for celebrating love and rekindling romance. A visit to Palawan also bring couples, families and friends closer together because of different activities like island hopping, snorkeling, hiking, rock climbing and scuba diving.


Known as the “Queen City of the South,” Cebu City is surrounded by natural resources and interesting spots that allures not just couples but also the whole “barkada.” If you want to get to know each other very well and create unforgettable memories, indulge in some activities like sightseeing, candle light dinner and white-water rafting. Go ahead and explore Cebu and its favorite touristic spots with your partner.

When you’re done choosing your Valentine’s Season destination, consider finding a travel agency for that added personalized touch. Travel agencies can plan the best itineraries for you and your special someone. Great moments deserve great planning. Save more time with a professional travel agent near you and turn extraordinary moments into something worth remembering.

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