Beautiful is not enough to describe Boracay to different tourists who have only seen it in videos, post cards and pictures. That is why different tourists from around the world check its beauty by visiting it during summer or even lean season. In fact, in 2016, there were 1.5 million local and foreign tourists that flocked to this popular beach.

Let’s face it, Boracay is the top choice of foreigners because it holds the title of being the world’s best beach list because of its stunning aquamarine beach, pure powdery white sand and romantic sunset, not to mention its vibrant night life that charms everyone because of the fun and excitement that it brings.

But Boracay is not all about hype. Boracay is the best and if you’re a first time tourist, you might wonder why foreigners love the Boracay beach. Below are the obvious reasons why different people from around the world visit this island.


Locals are very accommodating

In the first place, Filipinos are known as one of the most hospitable people in Asia. They are probably the nicest people you’ll ever meet because they love foreigners really. Therefore, if you happen to go to this place by means of a Boracay promo tour you’ll notice that the island is dominated by kind people who always wear a smile.

Here, foreigners will be welcomed by Filipinos wholeheartedly. They are faithful, kind and caring friends. Filipinos have this special treatment when it comes to taking care of the visitors. Knowing that they have this kind of attitudes, foreigners will not find it hard to meet new friends and be familiar in this relaxing paradise; and that for a fact is sure.


Delicious Food

Travelers from all around the world are huge fan of food. Luckily, here in the the Philippines, there are different mixture of food from different influences here they have Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Mediterrenean, Spanish and American as well.

According to a tour operator in the Philippines, foreigners who will be coming to Boracay will experience the freshest seafood as they watched it to be grilled infront of them. There are also many restaurants there that suit international tourists’ budget. If you want to have a feast, this popular beach is a perfect backdrop. Just make sure you’ll be able to maintain that beach body that you’ll worked hard for. You’ll certainly loose the form once you go back to your country because in Boracay, food and booze are everywhere.

Foreigners who want to relax can enjoy in Boracay Island because of different interesting activities that are in store for them. With the fun and excitement that this paradise brings to any visitors, there’s no doubt about its popularity to the foreigners. Which is why they keep coming back for more.

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