There is nothing more exciting than spending the rest of your waking hours with the love of your life.  One of the most remarkable highlights of every relationships is the honeymoon stage. It gives couples a chance to collect memorable moments after the wedding. Traveling to far off places can prepare the path to wedded bliss. Amsterdam is one of the best vacation spots to have some great honeymoon memories that will help keep the fire burning while reminiscing.

Visiting Amsterdam lets the both of you enjoy its alluring architecture, well-lit canals, relaxing restaurants and serene parks. These ambiance makes this European city an ideal destination for honeymooners. Certainly, couples will not run out of activities here.

Finding the right Amsterdam vacation package that will suit your budget is the first step towards a great honeymoon. To help you decide, travelers like you should be convinced first that this is the perfect vacation destination.


Romantic Bike Tour

There is nothing more special than than exploring Amsterdam through biking. This city loves outdoor activities like this and in fact, bikes are all over the place. Couples who like cycling can do this together while viewing the streets of Amsterdam to experience a breath of fresh air. For first time honeymooners, they can ask the help of a tour operator in the Philippines and verify if bike tours are included in their vacation packages.


Experience the Amsterdam Sunset

The magic of Amsterdam unveils during the night time. While the sun sets, couples will find themselves falling in love with the city. Bridge light illuminates in the canals, a perfect scene where honeymooners can just hold hands while walking along the rocky streets and peek through the windows of stately canal houses. Amsterdam during night time is filled with romance that the both of you can discover together.


Eat and be marry

For wives who want to pamper their men in a very special way, Amsterdam is the way to his stomach. Here, you’ll find tons of cafeterias with Dutch food delicacies like pofferjes, a small pancake served with powdered sugar, bitterballen, fried meatballs of ghoulash and other fillings and of course, lots of gouda, a type of cheese which is considered as their local specialty. Amsterdam’s food and delicacies might not be too familiar for honeymooners however, this element of surprise will bind you both to a very interesting gastronomic trip.


Pamper together and relax

Couples who love each other, take care of each other. Spoil your better half  with relaxing treatments, quick workout and wonderful spa services. Amsterdam offers a wide range of wellness and beauty centers that keeps couples in the pink of health.

Amsterdam reflects fun-loving and liberated people who knows how to enjoy and still follow rules at the same time. If you are a couple that is going to explore this European capital for the first time, then both of you are certainly in for a big surprise.

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