Photo Credits: 90dayKorean

Photo Credits: 90dayKorean

“New Year, New Goals and new achievements.” – we often hear this inspiring quote to everyone we encounter at the workplace or almost everywhere we go. True enough, new year’s the best time to reflect on our various travel goals and how we can make it happen.

Have you ever felt the drive and passion to plan your very first travel in Asia or in the Philippines with your close friends and family but something or someone is just stopping you? It’s time to have that motivation and take your vacation plans to new heights. There are no excuses, no ifs and buts. It’s not being selfish but at the end of the day, its always about self-care and self-love.

The time you have for your travel plans is now or never. Make it memorable and personalized as much as possible so that it will inspire you to do greater things that will result in influencing the lives of the people around you. Here are some ways to achieve your travel goals this 2019.

Start a travel fund

Discipline when it comes to handling your finances goes a long way. And when it comes to achieving your travel goals, being proactive in starting your travel fund is a great way to start. Having the knowledge on where to begin and the eagerness to do something about it will eventually result to something bigger rather than nothing. Visualize your dream destination and keep a portion of your salary for this destination. Preparation and savings are the key.

Research and Prepare

Speaking of preparation, study your dream destination first. For example, you want to go to Paris, watch videos, read blogs and make it a point to update yourself to seat sales, tour packages and promos released by airlines and travel agencies on a monthly basis. Have a computation of the estimated costs of the trip and write down every detail using a travel journal. This will help you visualize your travel goals even more. Read them everyday until it sticks to your mind..

Have a mindset of a winner and an adventurer

Positive attitude towards achieving your goals is very important. This starts with a winning mindset. You can only do that by surrounding yourself with people who understands and believe that you can be an adventurer in your own little way. Embrace your travel plans even more as you take every single step in working towards them.

Also, it is very important to equip yourself with simple gadgets, travel books and skills that are very important in unleashing your inner adventurer. Change in perspective and attitude when it comes to fear of traveling alone or with friends is not an overtime process. Develop the mindset as you go on with your everyday life.

As the saying goes, if you travel, travel with all your heart. You deserve this vacation as a reward to your hard work. Don’t deprive yourself of the chance to see what’s in store for you in different places. Just be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul in fire. Be passionate about your travel plans by sharing it to others. Consult a travel expert about different destinations you can think of and start achieving your travel goals this 2019.

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