Photo Credits: 90dayKorean

Photo Credits: 90dayKorean

South Korea is very rich in history and culture. It is also an ideal destination if you want to try and learn new things. With the country’s in demand tourism, it offers exciting places that a traveler like you should not miss.

There are a lot of travelers who want to experience Korea in the best possible way. If you want to visit South Korea, Seoul is the best place to get started. Here’s the reasons why this trip is good for your soul.


Home of K-Drama and K-Pop

Technology in Korea is very advanced but aside from that, the country is known for their K-Drama and K-Pop as it creates popularity and promotes tourism. K-Drama has unique concept and storylines to bop and beautiful songs that makes you dance and hooked, there’s no wonder that a lot of people dreams of being in Korea.


Amazing Places To Go To

Korea is a big country. With it’s total land area of 99,394 kilometers, a lot of people may be confused where to go first. In our tour package you’ll be able to go to the following places: Gyeonbeok Palace, Changdeok Palace, Presidential Blue House, Namsan Hanok Village, N. Seoul Tower, Petite France and Nami Island. Korea’s most famous and amazing place that you can be and you must be.


Delectable Korean Dishes

Of course, a vacation is not complete without a taste from the countries’ finest dishes. Made of chewy rice cake and Korean sweet chili paste, would you dare to try the spicy Dukbokki? How ‘bout a mouthful of Samgyeopsal? A yummy food consisting of pork belly meat, lettuce, garlic, perilla leaves, and onions. To taste a unique noodles, maybe? Try Korea’s cold noodles, Naengmyeon. It all sounds yummy, right? It’s just a few examples of the dishes you will get to eat once you travel in Korea.


Must do Activities in these Beautiful Places

Korea is a very huge place to wander and if you’re still thinking where you can make your vacation worth it, then this places is a must.

For those who want to feel the France culture in Korea then no worries, Petite France is the perfect place for you. But if you’re really looking to a traditional place in Korea where you can find its real culture and scenery, go to Gyeonbok Palace Changdeok Palace.


Another place that you can feel the fresh air and nature is the Presidential Blue House Namsan Hanok Village. And if you want to go look for a place where you can feel and relive some of the K-Drama that you love, then go to the beautiful Nami Island, the place where most of k-drama and even international movies shoots their film and trying to capture its beauty. And most importantly, the Seoul trip will never be complete without going to the N. Seoul Tower, where lovers can put their ‘love locks’ and wish for their love to last forever.

The Land of the Morning Calm is surely a wonderful place to visit. With ten million visitors annually, the country surely has a lot of beautiful places and attractions to offer.

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