Excitement is an essential part of one’s life. It gives us the drive, passion and motivation to chase for our dreams. Without it, you will certainly forget how it feels to be alive. There are different activities wherein we can feel the excitement. It depends on how we are able to handle our drive because there are different satisfactions that will tell us that we are doing just fine.

For some people, one of the outlets of unleashing their inner daredevil is to try out different extreme sports. Dubai, for example is an ideal location where tourists can try and experience different extreme sports because they are filled with elements that comprises an action-packed holiday.

Are you always ready to try new things? Surely this place’s iconic dessert set-up will give you the right thrills that you are looking for. Read on as this article gives some of the must-try extreme sports in Abu Dhabi.



Ziplining showcases the rich skylines of Dubai as it takes you to an exhilirating activity that you’ll surely not forget.  The city is known to hold the world record for the longest zip lining activity with 1800 feet above the Dubai Fountains. At the speed of 60-70 kmph, it will take you to a gruelling 40 seconds to complete the zipline. According to a travel agency in the Philippines which offers personalized tour packages, those travelers who are looking for a thrilling experience look for zipline as one of the best activities that Dubai can offer.


Sand Boarding

This is a recreational activity that has a similarity to snowboarding. The only thing is that it commence on sand dunes rather than in snow-covered mountains. Dubai is often visited by tourists because of the popularity of this extreme sports all throughout the world. Ideal because of its dessert areas, you will have the most exciting sand boarding activities in Abu Dhabi, UAE.



An extreme sports in Dubai that surely fits honeymooners who are looking for a unique experience, skydiving is an amazing activity that can be done all-year round because this activity is very famous in Dubai because of the skyline and ultimate adrenaline rush for those who are willing to feel the thrill of the entire body not only on their faces. Aside from being memorable, this activity will surely leave you breathless.


Bungee Jumping

This extreme sports activity lets travelers experience an exhilarating jump of a lifetime. At 50 meters high, you will definitely eat your heart out and defy the gravity with Bungee jumping. As a requirement, you should be at least 14 years old with a minimum weight of 120 kgs without any heart condition and of course, you can’t be pregnant.

Each extreme sports have its own pros and cons. For these reasons, you should have a clear choice on what among these will you try. There are various companies that offer extreme sports in their packages and it can be availed all-year round for travelers and thrill-seekers.

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