There are many Koreans who visit the Philippines to explore tourist attractions and great local food. According to the Department of Tourism, there are a total of 100,000 arrivals from Koreans on a monthly basis since February 2015.

Some of the best tourist’s destinations for Korean tourists are Manila, Cebu, Bohol and Southern Luzon. According to a tour operator in the Philippines, they are all around the country; they are almost found in Kalibo, Aklan, Clark, Davao and many other places.

This means that the Philippine Tourism industry attained significant growth that created a mutually beneficial relationship between the two countries. In fact, the Philippines is becoming one of the favorite destinations of the Koreans for these several reasons:


Koreans Prefer to Study English in the Philippines

For many Koreans, studying in the Philippines is the first step to learn conversational English. Learning the English language is the key for their competency so that they could land on white-collar jobs when they go back to their country. Korean students study in the country because Filipinos are well-versed in speaking English.

According to the Wall Street Journal, roughly around 14 thousand Koreans have traveled to the Philippines over the last 3 years to learn English at private academies for a fraction of a cost as compared to other English speaking nations. Foreigners mostly prefer to meet patient, fun-loving and hardworking Filipino teachers.


Koreans Enjoy Philippines’ Holiday and Leisure Destinations

Indeed, Koreans have invaded the Philippines in a good way. With Filipino’s warmth and welcoming personality, they fell in love with some of the famous tourist spots in the country.

A Filipino travel agent also told that they love to visit the Philippines because of less travel hours from Seoul. They also come to the Philippines over the weekend to play golf, to shop, relax and do other entertaining activities. This only means that they are bringing in bucket of dollars into the Philippines both through consumer spending and direct investments.


The Low-Cost of Living in the Philippines Attracted Koreans

Koreans prefer to study here because it is better of more affordable than other Asian countries. They are able to live comfortably in the Philippines even on a very limited budget. Some of them are not just about touring the Philippines, they settled in the Philippines because of its pristine, vast, and attractive environment and relatively low cost of living.


While the Philippines is becoming one of the favorite destinations of the Koreans, there is also a demand of Filipinos who wants to visit Korea or any travel hotspots in the Philippines. This only goes to show that there is a very healthy exchange of tourism between these two lovely nations.

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