Reasons Why Filipinos Should Visit Taiwan for Holidays

The Filipinos and the Taiwanese share a lot of similarities and values like being warm, friendly and hospitable. Thus, Filipinos have become popular visitors in Taiwan. Way back, Taiwan is an unfamiliar country for Filipinos not until such time when the hit Asian TV Series “Meteor Garden” took the Philippines by storm.

Situated at the center of the ocean just off the coast of mainland China, Taiwan offers different experiences for Filipino travelers and a whole lot more. Traveling to this country for the holidays will make you realize that it is a wonderful country. Here are the reasons why Taiwan deserves a spot on your travel bucket list.

Taiwan lets you enjoy different seasons

The country of Taiwan offers enticing climates that spread between the south and north of the island. It is known for its four seasons – winter, spring, summer and fall. Some mountainous parts of Taiwan get snowfall during winter which is between December to February. On the other hand, you’ll also be lucky to witness the cherry blossoms during Spring between March to May.

Taiwan government offers visa-free entry to Filipinos

The visa-free travel for Filipino / Philippine Passport holders has been extended until July 31, 2020. Filipinos can enjoy visa-free entry to Taiwan for up to 14 days. With this privilege the tourism is expected to boost for leisure, business and other short-term purposes. Taiwan last extended this visa-free grant last July 2018. 

Taiwan offers delectable dishes

This country holds a reputation of being the best food destination in the world. Taiwanese’s culinary philosophy is: “eat often and eat well.” As a matter of fact, its capital, Taipei has over 20 streets dedicated to food. With a variety of food choices available to the public, you will never run out of delicacies to try from breakfast to midnight snack.

Taiwan has a reliable transport system
The public transportation system of Taiwan get you around the entire island easily and comfortably. Taiwan has a very modern high speed rail system which makes traveling easy. The country is connected by trains and buses, which makes it easier to visit places even outside of Taipei.

Taiwanese are kind-loving  people

One of the best reasons why Taiwan is such a beautiful country is because the locals are very disciplined and polite. They value hard work, patience, humility and respect for others.  You will be amazed that no matter how packed the trains or buses are, no one will sit on seats designated for elders, pregnant women or persons with disabilities. The bus drivers won’t even check how much cash you put into the fare box because they trust you to be honest.

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