Reasons to Visit Bohol with Your Family and Friends


The island province of Bohol is known for its awe inspiring natural scenery, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. With different fun adventures and activities, it’s a constant favorite among families and friends. If it’s your first time to visit Bohol or you’re planning to have a vacation with a large group, maximizing your trip by planning the right itinerary that suits the interest of everyone will create a memorable experience. Here are some reasons to visit Bohol with your family and friends.


Bohol is an Excellent Tourist Destination for Nature Trips

Do you want to relax and increase your positive vibes? Bohol has an amazing nature setting. Aside from the world famous Chocolate Hills, Bohol is also known for its pristine beaches, dolphins, whale sharks and tarsiers which all means fun and adventure. If you and your family is ready for some relaxing nature trips, then Bohol is where you should be headed.


Bohol Embodies Rich Culture and History

Bohol prides itself on its beautiful landscapes, cultural heritage, tradition, rich natural resources and its increasing arts and culture industry, genuine music, historical architectural structures which are often underrated. When you travel here, you’ll realize that there’s more to Bohol than what you see in postcards. Bohol is also known as the “City of Friendship” which assures every traveler of warm smiles and hospitable people. 


Bohol is known for its various exciting festivals

The festivities in Bohol are not just celebrated annually as a thanksgiving but also to boost the tourism sector in the said province to showcase the unique culture of the Boholanos. Your tour in Bohol would absolutely be not complete if you’re not going to attend some of their different festivals. With the rich culture and heritage of the Boholanos showcased during these fiestas, it just goes to show that Bohol has more to offer than its pleasing sceneries.


Bohol Serves the Best Food for Everyone

Bohol is one of the most famous tourist destinations because of “Chocolate Hills.” But did you know that this province in the Central Visayas region has a lot more to offer when it comes to its traditional cuisines?

Bohol pleasantly surprises everyone with flavorful organic meals served hot in some restaurants and even in the streets. They also have the best delicacies for those who have a sweet tooth.

This province has more to offer aside from Chocolate Hills. If you are in love with this gem, let’s make your trip to Bohol possible with the help of our travel consultants. For more details, call us at: (02) 8800-3000 or (02) 8403-5253. Inquire now!

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