Georgia is one of the most unique cities in the world. It is a very peaceful country surrounded by Russia in the north, Turkey in the West, Armenia and Iran in the South and Azerbaijan in the East. What makes it unique to the different cultures of the world is that it maintains its traditional way of living like you will never see any western establishments built like fastfood chains. The unspoiled beauty of this country is worth visiting for. Here are the reasons why Georgia is an ideal holiday destination:


The Astonishing Nature

Despite the country’s size, the nature of Georgia is diverse. The north offers a scenic beauty of the Caucasus Mountains with their snow-capped summits. Georgia also offers a peak at their springs, forests and canyons. Let’s not forget their famous Black Sea Coast where you can relax and lay at the beach. The autumn season in Georgia is also a must-see for travelers for its trees perfect for taking photos.


The Diverse Georgian Cuisine

The Georgian Cuisine is diverse as its nature, with both European and Middle Eastern influences. Georgia’s national dish is called a Khinkali, or their local version of dumplings. The interesting part is that it can be partnered with either potato, beef, cheese or mushrooms. There’s also the Khachapuri, a pizza-like bread filled with cheese, which comes in many versions and toppings.


Unique Churches

The Gergeti Trinity Church is a very famous landmark in Georgia. The thing that makes it unique compare to other churches in the world is that it is found next to Mount Kazbegi, so you have to hike or ride a jeep all the way to the said church. Some of the other churches include the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral and the Holy Cathedral of Tbilisi.


The Hospitable People

Georgians are known to be welcoming, friendly, proud, and very obedient. These are the core values that make tourists visit Georgia. If you want a vacation that is truly memorable, try going to Georgia and experience hospitality at its finest form. Some blogger even said that if you are lucky enough to visit a Georgian home, no matter how humble or how rich, you will be treated like a king.


The Wine

Some researchers speculate that Georgia is the birthplace of the wine for over 7,000 years, and wine has also been a part of the Georgian’s everyday life. Even some of the houses in this country are decorated with vines. Until today, wines in Georgia are made in their traditional way.


Despite being a small country, Georgia’s untouched beauty is serene yet stunning. The natural landscapes alone witnessed to that. Touring Georgia can be a whole lot of fun especially if your vacation is spent with your family, friends and loved-ones. On the other hand, going to Georgia is just an easy trip as several airlines offer trips to there. With so much to see here, you will not notice that you’ll fall in love with the grace that is given to this tranquil place.

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