Traveling may seem like a far off dream for some people since spending time with family and work are hard enough to manage. Aside from time, money is another factor to consider. Traveling can be expensive. But there are lots of smart and incredible ways to get around the country or even around the globe, thanks to travel promos.

As the first month of the year kicks in, some New Year’s resolutions include to travel more. If you want to travel more this year, you need to make and commit sacrifices along the way for you to succeed. So, if your New Year’s resolution is to travel more, here’s how to stick to it.


Start a travel fund

It all begins with a saving. The flight costs, hotel accommodations and meals can be daunting. Put aside a portion of your monthly paycheck and create a new savings account. Most importantly, create a budget plan. It’s better to have something than nothing. Pretty soon that dream vacation can be within reach.


Wait for promos and deals

Who doesn’t even want a discount on fares and deals? Follow travel-related social media pages like airlines in order to keep track their lowest promo deals for your preferred travel date. You can also follow and sign-up for newsletters from tour operators, travel departments, hotels, restaurants and even travel bloggers to get some promo updates and tips from them.


Get a second job or gigs

There are several jobs that can help you increase your source of income and most importantly, fund your upcoming travels. Instead of doing nothing most of your time like watching movies, spend your time to look for a freelance job. If you love photography, offer your service to potential companies. If you love writing and creating artworks, try to sell them online. They might even give you some travel opportunities too.


Simplify your daily life

Some people are ready to give up and save money for traveling if truly wanted. If you really want to travel to new places, start cutting off your daily expenses, and you will most likely be able to start saving a lot of money to your travel fund. So the real question is: What could you give up for your dream vacations?


Travel with a partner

It’s always more enjoying and safer to travel with someone like friends or family members.  Aside from being concern with each other’s well-being, you can both save a lot of money renting a hotel, transfer costs and meals. Just make sure that your travel partner is fun to be with.  Travel and be happy. You deserve it.

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