Its rainy season once again and many travelers usually think that this would keep them from pursuing their travel plans. Don’t worry, there are many destinations that you can visit to satisfy your wanderlust and activities that you can do to hype your interests even though its cold and raining.

As a Philippine-based travel agency, we tend to recommend our clients with some of the finest hotels for “staycation.” But this time around, we’ve compiled some of the amazing activities that you can do in different destinations that you can plan in case you need to put some excitement on that rainy day goals.

Hot Springs

The best and most popular hot springs are found in Laguna and Camiguin. Many claim that the water in these hot springs have a therapeutic effect and is beneficial for the body. Hot springs are very in demand to families and group of friends because the warm water help relax and soothe the body during rainy days. Of course, these hot springs are great during rainy days but also perfect for summer.


Museums are beautiful places that showcase the culture and heritage of a country. There are many interesting museums In the Philippines especially in Metro Manila. One is Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo, Rizal. This place features different galleries, mission-style buildings and lush gardens that will surely invade your Instagram accounts with artsy and worthy images for expressing oneself and also for selfie shots.

Here, you can learn something new , have a quality alone time or bonding with friends and family. So, no need to feel lonely when its raining outside because Museums are great places to learn about many things without getting wet.


For the love of delicious food, everyone seems to have this innate desire to satisfy their cravings especially during rainy days where the climate is cold. In the Philippines, there are a lot of restaurants and food shops that let’s you to just simply hang out or indulge in local delicacies you haven’t tried before.  Davao or Cebu City are classic examples for food tripping because of their delicious Filipino foods.

What’s good about traveling during the rainy season is that, there are fewer crowds and accommodations are cheaper as compare to summer. Use this to make the most out of your sightseeing plans by doing these activities or by visiting some of the beautiful provinces.

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