Team building is very important in any organization. It promotes teamwork, friendship and transparent communication among peers. Planned activities not only boost the morale of employees, it can also increase the success of your business; and one of the best team building locations is El Nido, Palawan.

The awe-inspiring backdrop of this popular tourist destination is an amazing place for different team building activities. El Nido offers unique and exciting team building activities that will surely have unforgettable impact to corporate clients that are longing to escape the busy daily routine of work to take a break and experience the natural resources that Palawan has to offer.

Below are some of the most requested team building activities in El Nido, Palawan.


Guided Eco Tours

Touring the 45 islands and islets of El Nido, Palawan gives employees the chance to unwind, be adventurous and appreciate nature. There are some travel agents in the Philippines that offers guided ecotours to explore facinating sites such as Cathedral Cave, Cudungon Cave, Snake Island, the Big and Small Lagoons. Therefore, first hand experience of nature, wildlife and culture is essential.


Beach Bonding

A nice and simple outing in Nacpan Beach Resort is an effective team building activity. It is a serene place where everyone can just hang-out and get to know each other outside the four corners of the office. You can divide into teams and have fun playing beach volleyball tournament. Also, you can try different water sports or go cliff diving together. Creating quality beach bonding with peers like eating together in the beach can remove the barrier and help boost your work relationship.


Planning Sessions

There are some resorts in El Nido that offer conference facilities for planning sessions. Some of them have Event Specialists that assist in designing sessions to fit specialized corporate needs. Lastly, if you want a major planning session, a resort getaway in El Nido is a must try. Its purpose is to free the employees from pressure and foster the flow of new ideas caused by monotonous work in the office.

Paint Ball in El Nido

Paintball is an intense game fitted to office workers with competitive spirits. It is also an interactive way to build friendship and be physically fit. Finally, it is a fun-filled activity which also develops confidence and leadership skills. Stressful situations in the game allow everyone to strategize and bring out the best among the members of the team.


Team buildings are conducted in every organization to promote the growth and maturity of every employee. It should be planned carefully for it to succeed and become memorable. In this case, getting a travel agent to arrange it for your company will help you save time.

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