There is more to Georgia than meets the eye. Traveling to Georgia with cheap travel packages offered today is now possible and easier. One thing we always remember besides creating happy memories while traveling is learning some of the country’s history and facts. Some may confuse Georgia as a US state, but this article refers to the European country. Here are some of the information one must remember in visiting Georgia.


Georgia isn’t locally called as Georgia

The locals called their country “Sakartvelo.” Its root, kartvel-I, originally referred to an inhabitant of the core central Georgian region of Kartli – Iberia of the Classical and Byzantine sources.

Theory on deriving the name points during the Middle Ages when Christian crusaders make their way to Israel which are also devotees of Saint George. On the other hand, Saint George is Georgia’s patron saint making the link in naming the country.


Europe’s Highest Mountain Range

The Caucasus Mountains is the highest mountain range in Europe. Shkara holds the second highest peak, Russia lays claim to the highest. In Greek mythology, the mountains were believed to be one of the pillars holding up the world. Today, it is becoming a destination for trekkers and other adventure junkies.


Language Unlike Any Other

Georgian language is unlike any other countries you are likely to hear. Their 33-letter alphabet thought to be the based on the sort of Aramaic spoken in the time of Jesus. But even without understanding it, Georgian writing is beautiful, a myriad of theatrical swirls and flourishes. Very fitting to a country of dramatic personalities. So unique that it belongs to one of 14 independent alphabets in the world.


First Human Civilization

Scientists discovered that the first human civilization outside of Africa was built in Georgia. The remains predate 75 million years ago. In the highlands of eastern Anatolia and South Caucasus, the right combination of domestic animals and sowable grains and legumes made possible the earliest agriculture. In this sense, the region can justly be considered one of the “cradles of civilization.”


The Birthplace of Wine

Wine making in Georgia dates back over 7000 years believing this place to be the birthplace of wine. As of today, production of wine continues and they maintained its good taste. Any visit to Georgia with cheap travel packages isn’t complete without tasting their wine. As a matter of fact, you may also visit some of their vineyards and houses decorated with vines.


Georgia has the world’s only centenarian choir

Centenarian is a person who is one hundred or more years old. Renowned for their longevity, Georgians live to a very healthy long age. They believed that it’s because of the fine and clean air from the mountains and because the country has so much to keep living for.


It is the second country to adopt Christianity as its state religion

Georgia adopted Christianity in the 4th century, a few decades after Armenia. Religious festivals and gatherings are a common sight in the country as 80% of Georgians belongs to the church.


Did we convince you enough to visit Georgia? Besides its wonderful landmarks, the country is very rich in history and cultural facts. With some travel operators offering trip to Georgia with cheap travel packages, it’s time they help you plan your next trip with them.

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