Getting the expert service of a travel agency can have a lot of benefits specially to first time travelers because it promotes convenience and avoids time consuming arrangements that a traveler might encounter when booking a trip on his own. Travel agencies act as a “middle man” making it easier for the clients to deal with their tour and accommodation concerns.

At present, various travel agencies in the Philippines are built to cater to the demanding needs of every customer. However, not all of them can be classified as legitimate.

In this article, we will discuss tips on how you can keep yourself away from “fly-by-night” travel agencies which are after your hard earned money. Have the basic knowledge in dealing with them before you book a package.

Remember important details about the travel agency

Keep an eye out for important details about the travel agency. It could be the owner of the business, operational hours, office address and telephone numbers. These can be seen through their website and social media accounts. Take note of these so you can make the best decision whether to proceed on your booking or to put it off in replacement for another travel agency.

Check their business permits and other necessary documents

Should you find yourself in doubt when transacting your travel details and you find yourself in a less favorable situation, do your best to assess the business by checking their business permits and other documents that can verify their legitimacy. If possible, visit their office to see if there’s an existing operation before you book a trip.

Use the internet to verify reviews and feedbacks from previous customers

Don’t forget to use technology to your best advantage. There’s a lot of way to verify the legitimacy of the travel agency. You can a lot your time to do a little research about client feedbacks posted on website, social media accounts and travel groups. Engage to forums and discussions to ask your fellow travelers before proceeding on your booking.

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