Whether you’re an expert or a newbie in traveling, one should always remember that packing light is a process, not a goal. Some are highly skilled, most especially the expert travelers, while some are not. Just like studying, we can always improve and get better. Because we can’t let you spend another cash for excess luggage charges, take note of these packing hacks for your next trip:


Bring multipurpose items

Always bring clothes and other things that can serve multiple purposes like sarongs, which can be used as an accessory, a towel, a bag, a sunshade or a blanket. It’s quite possibly the most versatile piece of cloth in your bag. Most of all, always bring plastic bags. They’re known to be a life saver.


Do some folding techniques

A tried and tested tip from most travelers is to roll your clothes when packing. Not only it will not make your clothes from getting wrinkled, it will also leave a space for you to pack. Lastly, always keep the heavy items at the bottom.


First things first

Limit yourself in bringing clothes and items. For example, at least bring two pairs of footwear. One slipper and one pair of shoes for traveling could do the work. Don’t make yourself suffer from bringing the most useless items during the travel especially if it’s for longer trips. Most importantly, never bring expensive jewelries as it will dampen your trip if they get stolen from you or you accidentally misplace them.


Minimize bringing your gadgets

Camera, reading tablet, player, laptop, etc. You don’t need all of these while on vacation. Most phones today capture as good as an expensive camera and mobile apps can help you in case of reading for pleasure. Lastly, always bring a power bank as possible and never bring a laptop if possible especially when you’re on a leisure trip.


Bring Snacks

Traveling can be tiring. Therefore, it is advisable to bring some snacks with you. Just make sure it won’t fully consume the space of your bag or luggage. Besides, you can just buy a bottled water on an airport or in a local stores stalled everywhere to avoid carrying it.


Wear your heaviest clothes

Wearing your heaviest shoes or jackets while on a trip is an essential tip. It is advisable if you’re going to a country during a winter season. Not only it will help you warm despite the cold, it will also help you store some of your items in your jacket’s pockets.


Always remember that you are traveling for a new kind of experience. Don’t let some heavy burden in the forms of luggage and bags ruin your day. Everyone’s packing style is different and we all have our own travel needs, so before you get upset at the idea of leaving behind your beloved laptop, remember that these are only suggestions. Leave out a few of the following items on your next trip, pack lightly and we promise you won’t miss a thing!

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