Filipinos love to eat. With more than 7,100 islands blessed with an abundance of seafood and tropical fruits, there’s more to Filipino foods than the famous balut (duck embryo). As rice being the Filipino’s staple food, they love to eat viands or dishes partnered with rice. It’s definitely more fun eating in the Philippines than you can imagine. Here are the top 10 iconic Filipino dishes you’ve got to try:



This Filipino dish might be the most iconic dish to try in the Philippines known and loved by everyone. It originated from Spaniards during its colonization for over 300 years so this dish has some international twist to it. Adobo is Spanish for sauce, seasoning, or marinade and comes in pork or chicken version. Other ingredients can intensify its taste and make it more delicious depending on whose recipe you follow.


This pork dish is normally seen during celebrations like birthdays, fiestas, weddings and graduations. The word lechon was coined from the Spanish word leche which means milk, thus lechon refers to a roasted suckling pig.



One of the most famous stew in the Philippines. It is cooked from peanut sauce with a variety of vegetables and beef. It is often partnered with shrimp paste, locally known as bagoong, and sometimes spiced with chili. This dish is a lasting family favorite in every Filipino household for generations.



This Filipino soup or stew is known for its sour flavor most often partnered with tamarind, guava or tree cucumber also known as kamias. What makes Sinigang a unique dish among other dish is that it can be serve depending on the maker’s personal preference. For example, it can be cooked with fish, shrimp, beef or pork while maintaining its delicious sour taste.



This is a Filipino dish usually eaten without rice. Pancit is the term for noodles in Filipino cuisine inherited through the Chinese. It may come in different forms and ingredients like bihon, canton, miki or sotanghon; stir-fried or eaten as merienda, or as a viand together with other dishes making up a meal.



Sisig is the perfect beer match among Filipinos and eating with friends, locally known as pulutan. It is a Filipino dish made from parts of pig’s head and liver, seasoned with calamansi and chili peppers.


Pork Barbecue

The popularity of this pork barbecue goes beyond regional boundaries because of its affordability and delicious taste. The pork meat is marinated in a blend of a sauce mixture made with soy sauce, ketchup and sugar. No party is ever complete without these delicious pork chunks on sticks.



This simple vegetable stew is the Ilocanos’ most popular contribution to the Philippine cuisine. Since the traditional pakbet is simply the combination of various vegetables such as ampalaya or the bitter gourd, okra, sitaw or yard-long beans, sigarilyas or winged beans, eggplant, and the anchovy paste giving the taste of all, one can also add pork rind or chicharon to the mix.



This dish is the one that represents Batangas, a major cattle producer in the country. Bulalo is a tagalog term for boiled beef shank and kneecap. It is often served with cabbage, carrots, or potatoes giving a delicious and flavorful broth.


Crispy Pata

It is a fried pig legs served with a soy and vinegar sauce adding a twist to the taste. This Filipino dish are always present during parties or an everyday dish. Not even the tourists can resist the deliciousness of this dish.

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