Top 10 Thai Street Foods

Authentic Thai eating experience is all about “street food. This is the key for every traveler to enjoy their traditional cuisines. Exploring the streets of Thailand and getting to know where most locals eat should be added on your travel bucket list to have a taste of the “Land of Smile’s” rich flavours.

Crispy Pancakes (Khanom Bueang)

Also known as bite-sized Thai-style crepes made from thin wafer and rice flour stuffed with coconut cream and shreds of coconut flesh. The stuffing also varies to include egg yolks or chopped scallions.

Fried Banana Pancake (Roti Gluay)

Even though this dish did not originate in Thailand, it has been loved by locals because of its sweet and filling taste. It is one of the most craved street snacks in Bangkok and is easily available in every corner of the city.

 Fried Bugs (Malang Tod)

Are you adventurous enough to try this exotic dish? You can eat bugs in many countries around the world but Thailand is the one that popularized it. From locusts, mealworms to fried crickets and even cockroaches, the possibilities are endless.

Grilled Pork Stick (Moo Ping)

Moo ping is a must try meat skewer marinated with fish sauce, palm sugar and garlic. The flavour is further enhanced with sweet sauce.

Kanom Krok Bai Toey (Pandan Sweet Meat)

This sweet cake is made from flour, salt, coconut, sugar and of course, Pandan leaves.

Raw Oyster ( Hoi Nang Rom Song Kreung)

Thailand takes pride in the freshest oysters of their country. Although many of their oysters are sourced from other countries. There’s always local oysters available available in street markets.

Sweet Potato Balls (Kanom Krai Krata)

These are deep fried, warm and puffy balls of sweet potato, tapioca starch and sugar. These are crispy on the outside and deliciously soft and airy on the inside.

Thai Fish Cake

Thai fish cakes are very delicious street food made from fresh fish, herbs, spices amd other local Thai flavors.

Fried Chicken (Gai Tod)

Thai Fried Chicken is a popular street food in Bangkok is known for its light, crispy skin that crackles with every bite. Beneath that skin is tender juicy flesh made savory by the flavors of soy and fish sauces.

Thai Traditional Sweet Rice Cake

It is a well-loved choice for snack or dessert in Bangkok. Thai sweet rice cake that is made with coconut cream and rice flour.

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