The Philippines is widely popular for being the country celebrating the longest and earliest holiday season in the world. With the “ber” months approaching, people can’t help but be merry this early. In a country where family ties and faith are the foundations of the society, you will never run out of reasons why you should travel the Philippines this holiday season.

The Filipinos are prominent to be smiling, hospitable and happy-go-lucky. If you are planning for the holidays, a trip to the diverse islands of the Philippines is one of the best ways to relax and celebrate while exploring its many man-made and natural wonders.

Last 2015, the Philippines welcomed more than 5 million tourists. This year, the Department of Tourism is estimating to invite 10 million international tourists and 56 million local travelers with their tourism campaign. Here are some of of the famous destinations that foreigners should check out in the Philippines.


Batanes Island

Batanes reflects serenity and simple life. A trip to this island will surely take you back to the depths of Filipino’s rich cultural heritage. Every travel agent knows that it is one of the most in demand tourist destinations in the Philippines.

If you’re a traveler who is into nature and historical trips, this island fits you. Its untamed beauty consists of blue skies, rocky shores and white sand beaches with massive cliffs over looking the sea. Batanes will also remind you that honesty is just around the corner. With the so-called “honesty stores”, customers are given the full freedom to take and pay for their things honestly without the store owner watching after them.


Baguio City

Baguio City will always be remembered for its powder-blue skies, foggy afternoons, happy people, and the chilly romantic evenings. Aside from that, Filipinos always love to visit Baguio for its cold climate all-year round and the relaxing mountainous views. Dubbed as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines,” most tourists attractions in this place are named after the people during the American Occupation who developed the mountains into famous landmarks such as Wright Park, Burham Park and Camp John Hay.

Aside from these, Baguio City is also famous for its finest delicacies that is definitely a must-try for local and foreign tourists. These are mouth watering strawberries, freshly-baked raisin bread, ube jam and “lengua de gato,” delicious cookies made from butter, sugar and eggs.


Cebu City

Popularly known as the “Queen City of the South,” Cebu City promises an exciting, energetic and celebratory atmosphere. According to a tour operator in the Philippines, there are many activities in store for you in this place like shopping, food tripping and partying in bars and clubs that will surely suit every taste. And just over the bridge, you will find Mactan Island, one of the few places in the world where you can experience world-class diving. Other than that, it’s just minutes away from the major international airport.


Boracay Island

The island of Boracay features pristine white sand beaches and scenic views suited for foreigners who are into exciting activities. Some of these include parasailing, motorbiking, horse riding, snorkeling, kite surfing and scuba diving. International tourists will surely enjoy a glimpse of this Islands for the famous countdown parties in the New Year’s Eve. Some of these include fire dancers showing their talents.

The night life in Boracay is famous for its “party vibe,” as many bars and restaurants entertains and serve food and drinks from dusk till dawn.


City of Manila

Manila is the melting pot of diverse cultures representing Spanish, Japanese, Indian, Chinese and American heritages. The rich culture of Manila is a tourist’s gateway to Filipino culture and hospitality. From huge buildings to the skyscraper gazing tour to the historical sites in Intramuros, Luneta Park and Malacañang Palace, there is always a reason to visit Manila every year. It also held annual festivals to keep the city alive and to attract tourists.

Have a fruitful holidays by chasing those winter blues away. Take your pick of any of these worthwhile destinations and get to know why “It’s more fun in the Philippines.”

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