The rich culinary culture of the Bicol region is one of its most admirable characteristics aside from the perfectly-shaped volcano, Mt. Mayon. Usually their local ingredients are almost the same with those that are abundant in other provinces. What makes their local ingredients different is the warmth that it adds to your tummy because of their love for spicy foods and coconut milk. Every mouthwatering cuisine that they cook will surely satisfy those who desire the real flavor of this province.

Are you planning to go to Bicol? Aside from touring Legazpi and try-out some of their unique viands. However, if you like other taste textures be ready to fight the spicy stuff though, because this place is known to withstand spicy foods. Delight your palates as this article dishes out some of their famous food making Bicol an ultimate destination for that satisfying gastronomic trip.


Laing or Gabi

The province of the “uragons” is very abundant with a lot of coconut trees. This is the reason why, they are known to serve foods that are cooked in coconut milk. Laing or “gabi” is a famous Bicolano delish to try. These are taro leaves that are dried in the air, hung upside down to drain the water fast from the leaves. After that, the leaves are chopped into small pieces with it is cooked in chili peppers and coconut leaves.

To make it more flavorful, few cuts of pork or dried fish are put into it. This cuisine blends a spicy and creamy taste. Laing is not only popularized in Bicol it also became an all-time favorite dish all over the Philippines.


Sinarapan of Polangui

As you visit Bicol, with the help of a tour operator in the Philippines, don’t forget to try “Sinarapan.” It is the smallest food fish found in a small, scenic crater lake located between Mt. Malinao and Masaraga in the municipality of Polangui. This cuisine is best cooked fry in comparison to “ukoy” or fritters.


Ginataang Santol

Who would have thought that a sour fruit like santol could turn into a delicious “coconut milk” recipe? In Bicol, the use of “gata” to any dish will surely make every dishes extra special and delicious. When cooking “ginataang santol,” the meat of cotton fruit is mixed with gata, chili peppers and other aromatic herbs and spices.


Bicol Express

Who would forget this? This is one of the most favorite pork dishes when we talk about Bicol cuisines. It is also made from coconut milk, choice cuts of pork, chili peppers, garlic, and red hot chili. This dish is best served with rice. Anyone who would eat an authentic Bicol express will surely sweat and cry in tears because of its hot and spicy taste.


With proper itinerary prepared, travelers will surely have a great time in Bicol. If you are craving for these famous dishes and wishes to taste where they genuinely came from, the best way to go is explore Legazpi and other places in Bicol.

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