Traveling nowadays isn’t just about the money, but an achievement in life. With the power and advancement in technology, the opportunities just got bigger. It’s easier to find out how affordable tour packages are, find the best destinations, and meet new people to travel with. Due to many options, some are finding it difficult to figure out what type of trip is right for you.

Some people find it difficult to find time to travel with friends because of some conflicts in their time. Therefore, others prefer to travel solo in a group tour. Traveling solo doesn’t work for everyone. Choosing to go solo with a group tour might be the perfect solution if you’re looking for a new and fresh experience. Below are the reasons why:


New Friends With The Same Interests

It can be very difficult for a first-timer to meet new people, especially if you’re alone. But you don’t really need to worry since all of you share the same trip and activities, therefore you’re surrounded with people with common interests. Some studies even say that strong bonds are made through travel due to shared experiences. Besides, you’ll always have someone to take your photos.


Discounts Everywhere

When you travel with a group, expect having the benefit of a huge accommodation discount. In solo travel, it can be seriously expensive. This is because almost everything on group tours, outside of the flight, is included in the upfront cost. Some tour operators even negotiate for the group on how much you can afford.


The Tour Guides Help

Tour companies and guides minimize stress by showing the best the location has to offer. The beauty of having tour guides is they know many hidden gems that only tour guides know. One of the best reasons why you should let someone control the plans, is that they are always there if something doesn’t go as planned. For example, you got sick or you lost something, someone will be there to get the care you need.


Experience the Local Culture On A New Level

Traveling alone, especially in Asian countries, can be very difficult. On a group trip, there will always be a person who speaks the language to make sure you won’t get lost around the area. The vast knowledge of a local tour guide will truly allow you to immerse yourself in the country’s culture. Millennials often find it hard especially if they’re traveling to a country who doesn’t speak English or their native language.

From making new friends while exploring unique, affordable tourist destinations, traveling solo in a group will definitely give you the freedom to explore alone with the added safety and benefits of traveling with friends.

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