What comes into your mind when you hear the word “Batanes?” For some of those who haven’t been there, they will associate this serene place to a famous TV commercial. With a tagline, “Balikan ang pinanggalinggan or “going back home,” let’s explore Batanes.

Indeed, this beautiful island in the northernmost part of the Philippines is worthy to be called “home.” Due to its breathtaking views, it translates warmth and comfort.

Tourism officials often describe Batanes as the “purest cultural destination” in the Southeast Asia. Hence, making it a popular hideaway for local and foreign tourists. If you are wondering where to stay in Batanes, just imagine its overwhelming mixture of sceneries that will fill your eyes.

The friendly and unasumming vibe of the natives of Batanes will surely complete the vacation that you’ve been dreaming of. Indeed, it is definitely a paradise to begin with. Are you now excited to book your trip to this place with the help of a tour operator in the Philippines? Here some of the places that you should see if you happen to spend your vacation here.


Marlboro Country / Racu A Payaman

With hills that are literally alive, this picture friendly spot will make you reminisce a movie, “The Sound of Music.” If you are longing to see a greener environment, this is indeed a place that you should add on your bucket list.

With the green pastures and the breath of fresh air, create memories that no amount of money can buy. Discover the beauty of “Marlboro Country.”


The Lighthouse of Batanes

Let these be your “guiding lights.” The three lighthouses of the island of Batanes were built not only as indicators for seafarers but also as tourist attractions. These parolas highlight the vista with their towering presence and luminosity at night.


Mahatao Church

Reconnect with your Catholic faith and visit this old and beautiful church built in the 17th and 18th century. This place of worship showcases beautiful architectures with colossal bright-colored wooden doors, tiles and cogon-lined ceilings. Also known as San Carlo Borromeo Church, its patron saint is Saint Charles Borromeo with feast celebrated every 4th of July.


Fundacion Pacita

Famously, known as the “house of art” built at the top of Batanes. It’s called Fundacion Pacita Batanes Nature Lodge in memory of an internationally acclaimed “Ivatan” gypsy artist, Pacita Abad.


Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel

These tunnels’ primary purpose is to protect Japanese soldiers from their enemies during World War II. These tunnels served as a shelter and even lookout post. Here, you can discover the tunnel’s many chambers for another another inspiring panoramic view of the island.


The tourists describe Batanes as a “photographer’s heaven.” Given its natural beauty, Batanes will surely stay at the top of your memories even for years to come.

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