Maldives or the Maldives Islands are scattered across 806 kilometers of the Indian Ocean. Once you’ve heard it, all you can imagine is its pure white sands and palm trees that are surrounded by the world’s clearest water. Aside from the beaches, coral reefs and marine life thrive in the vast ocean water. It is one of the world’s tropical paradise, where you can spend vacation to unwind and relax at the same time. Just like the other famous beaches in the world, Maldives offers different water activities for everyone making it a hot tourist spot among visitors. Below are some of the best and finest beaches and diving sites to visit in Maldives.


HP Reef

If you’re visiting Maldives, make sure to try some of the water activities the islands have to offer. Since it’s rich in marine life, you should try diving in HP Reef. Located at the North Male Atoll, this spot is one of the most famous and the most visited diving site in Maldives. The reef is the perfect place to discover and explore several coral reef formations and fishes underwater.


Biyadhoo Island Resort

This island resort is known as one of the calm beach in Maldives. This tropical haven is blessed with lush tropical vegetation within the turquoise folds of the Indian Ocean. If you’re a water sports junkie, this is the right place, as it is popular among diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. The island simply provides peace, calm and serenity to every visitor.


Sun Island Resort and Spa

For someone who wants a luxurious stay in Maldives, this is the right place. This place is known to offer one of the world’s best lodging experience. Along with the great facilities that offers modern comfort, you can also choose from their different water bungalows.


Banana Reef

This is one of the most sought out diving site in Maldives extending at 300 meters. It was called Banana Reef as it has the shape of a banana. What makes it popular is because of its vast amount of different fish species of different colors and shapes.


Manta Point

This diving area is where you’ll find numbers of Manta rays being fed and cleaned by wrasses. After that cleaning process, they’ll swim up to the reef feeding where you’ll find plankton. For someone who’s new to diving, you’ll enjoy this place has to offer.


Alimatha Island

Located at the Vaavu Atoll in Maldives’ eastern side, is a complete tourist destination. It offers first-class diving, snorkeling and a white beach with brilliant facilities. Just like the other Maldivian beaches, the island is surrounded by abundant vegetation and splendid sites.


Artificial Beach

This is one of the most famous spot and popular destination among tourists. The white sand artificial beach found in the capital of Male, offers a number of entertaining activities for the locals and tourists. Popular things to do while in here are to try water adventures and enjoy carnivals.


If you’re planning a Maldives tour, you will enjoy the diving sites and white sand beaches here. Whether you want to enjoy a romantic cruise or discover marine life while enjoying great memories in the Maldives, it will complete give you that ultimate vacation of a lifetime.

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