Ireland Visa Application

Documentation Required from All Visa Applicants

(With valid UK visa, &/or travelling on a prepaid package tour and frequent traveler with previous EU travel)

This is a guideline only; other documents may be requested if deemed necessary.

  1. Please fill-out the attached form, scan and send it back to us so we may transfer all the details to the application portal and schedule you for an appointment.
  2. 3 pcs. Identical, passport size photographs, taken within previous six months, with white background
  3. Original Passport with validity of 6 months after the date of RETURN from Ireland for short stay visas OR at least 1 year validity for long stay visas. Plus 2 sets of CLEAR photocopies of all passport pages – containing stamps of any kind or visas; blank pages may be omitted.
  4. Original with 2 Copies of previous Irish visas and other valid visas in old passports and their respective identity pages
  5. Evidence of Business such as photocopy of DTI/SEC Certificate/Certificate of business registration OR Original Certificate of Employment/Enrollment from current employer/school guaranteeing employment /enrollment of the applicant upon their return after their visit to Ireland.(if applicable), this must be on official letterhead with contact details and must state duration of approved leave of absence, and must be accompanied by recent 3 months payslips.
  6. Original Birth and Marriage Certificate (If applicable)- PSA copy
  7. Evidence of Flight & Hotel Booking or Letter of Invitation & Support or Assurance from host, stating dates of proposed visit, relation to applicant, contact details, address of accommodations being provided, extent of support and guarantee that they will assure their guest will not be a burden on the state and will not exceed their permission to stay.
  8. Evidence of funds – Original bank certificate (inc. date opened & ADB) with most recent 6 months bank statements or photocopy of passbook
Addressed to: Irish Consulate in Manila, Philippines
70 Jupiter Street Bel Air 1,

Makati City, Metro Manila

  1. Letter of Assurance– A written undertaking that you will observe the conditions of your visa, that you will not become a burden on the State, and that you will leave the State on the expiration of your permission to remain
Addressed to: Irish Consulate in Manila, Philippines
70 Jupiter Street Bel Air 1,

Makati City, Metro Manila

  1. Copy of travel Insurance – applicable to all short stay applicants (ie visit/tourist/business, etc)
  2. Non-refundable visa fee
  3. Applicable additional documents listed below:
Minors must have a written consent from both parents. If parent is not applying for a visa, parent must provide copy of passport with signature attached to the letter of consent.

If travelling on a package tour, include booking arrangements


(All documents of applicant and sponsor must be submitted in their original form along with 2 photocopies):

For Sponsor in Ireland:

– Copy of passport bio-data page along with most recent visa and Gardai stamp
– Invitation Letter & Affidavit of Support
Evidence of Funds: Bank Statements (min.6mos.), Payslips (at least 3 mos.)& P60 (3yrs) or other tax doc
– Certificate of Employment or Evidence of Business
– Work/Green Card Permit & An Bord Registration (if applicable)
– Copy of Valid GNIB -Gardai Certificate of Registration (if non EU national)
– Birth and Marriage certificate (to show relation to applicant)

– Proof of address/evidence of accommodation i.e. utility bill, lease agreement

For Dependent Children:

Original Marriage Certificate of Parents – PSA copy
– Original Birth Certificate of child – PSA copy

– Parental Travel consent from parents. Both parents should provide consent and valid IDs regardless of who is traveling with the child. If either parent is unable to provide consent, legal proof of sole guardianship must be provided.

***Please ensure that all documents are original plus 2 photocopies per applicant

Please note that the Embassy may request additional documents during the examination of an application which are not mentioned in the above list. The applicant is hereby informed that submitting the above-mentioned documents does not guarantee automatic issuance of a visa.

Irish Visa Application Form



Locate your nearest Visa Application Centre below.

Irish Consulate in Manila, Philippines
70 Jupiter Street Bel Air 1

Makati City, Metro Manila

NOTE: A representative or an authorize agent can submit your visa application.

Rates are subject to change without prior notice.