Find serenity in the unspoiled island of Batanes. For a nature lover and for someone who wants to escape the capital, this one is a must-see. From its green hills that carpet the whole island, massive cliffs and oceans reflecting the clear blue sky to the rich cultural heritage of the Ivatans, the visiting experience that comes with it will make it difficult for you to come home.


Magnificent Sceneries

Batanes is truly an unspoiled island. It has many bizarre sights to offer. World-class photographers have even managed to see this untouched place. You can find the greenest landscapes of the island with animals roaming around everywhere around it. For someone who loves adventures, you can do island hopping to see its whole beauty and charm. Aside from that, it is the perfect getaway who wants to find tranquility in their lives witnessing the sun rise and set. This island is blessed for its wonderful sceneries that will make you fall in love with nature which is a perfect for taking selfies.


Preserved Culture and Heritage

Ivatans or the people of Batanes have a large role to play for its beauty. Well-preserved and unique culture of Ivatans are known for their stone houses that can’t be seen anywhere in the country and is well-represented for its unique magnificence in the field of architectural design. Ivatans are also recognized as one of the friendliest and warmest tribes in the country which tourists loved for being naturally beautiful as the island itself.

In addition to stone houses, their lighthouses also became a symbol of Batanes. These huge buildings erected besides the seas are able to withstand typhoons for the past few years. If you love lighthouses, they’re worth a visit.


Natural Attractions

Likewise, Batanes is known for its various diversity of natural attraction. If you’re having some difficulty of choosing only one place to visit in the Philippines, Batanes should be on the top of your list. Visit enchanting beaches, rocky coasts, caves and rock formations in this pristine land. There have even some worthwhile places to visit in Batanes that are still very untouched by tourists.


Delicious Delicacies

Complete your perfect getaway by trying their delicious foods and delicacies. By living along the coastline, Batanes are recognized for its rich amount of seafoods. Also, a must-try in this place are the lobsters. Some tourists said that the lobsters here are tastier compared to other lobsters they tasted. Besides, you can blend in to some locals while eating.


The Philippines is known for its world-class beaches and natural attractions. But nothing beats Batanes Island. Although it’s at the northernmost part of the country, Batanes is a visual treat for everyone. Most of all, its untouched beauty will leave anyone astonished for its beauty. With the Philippines’ 7,107 islands, go start in Batanes. Above all, it is a worthy destination in itself.

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